Our Year In Review

2017 has been an amazing, full year here at Seattle Veterinary Associates. With so much going on it’s almost impossible to stay caught up!  Here’s what you may have missed!

  • Green Lake Animal Hospital underwent a MAJOR renovation!
  • We replaced the cages in our Green Lake Animal Hospital and donated the old but still sound cages to a small rescue called Preventing Homeless Pets located in Benton City, Wa.
  • Staff Attended an all-SVA meeting on creating a fear-free practice. From learning how to create a more calming atmosphere to new pet-handling techniques the all-day meeting was a great fit for our goals!
  • After the meeting, our hospitals quickly began to implement improvements in their interactions with pets, including small changes like adding lavender scented oils to the lobby to help calm pets as they enter.
  • We supported Seattle Humane’s Tuxes and Tails event.
  • We supported and attended the Walk for Old Dogs and even had a participant in the Dachshund Races!
  • We funded the Inaugural Bark for Life event on Capitol Hill in support of American Cancer Society.
  • We supported the MEOW Fine Wines and Felines auction and set up and manned a photo booth at the event.
  • We supported and attended the Seattle Animal Shelter Furry 5k– an event that drew over 25 of our staff to participate in the 5k!
  • We debuted our 2017 limited edition SVA T-shirts.
  • We supported and attended the Seattle Humane Glow in the Park walk.
  • We supported Seattle Animal Shelter’s Raining Cats and Dogs Auction.
  • We supported and attended Reuben’s Brews “Thank You Thursday” Pints for Pets event for MEOW Rescue, helping to raise a record amount of money for the charity compared to previous years at the same event.
  • We hosted Green Lake Animal Hospital’s post-renovation Open House featuring the Seattle Police Department’s K9 Unit and a visit by the Seattle Barkery.
  • We supported the Seattle Retired Police Canine Fund.
  • We hosted Ravenna Animal Hospital’s Open House and Pet Photos with Santa in Support of Old Dog Haven.
  • We hired Dr. Kasey Schmidt, Green Lake Animal Hospital’s former Veterinary Assistant, as our newest associate doctor.
  • We debuted our new App.
  • We debuted our ability to text reminders and messages.
  • Early in the year we began donating $1 for every rabies vaccine given in our clinics toward the WSU Rabies Elimination Project.
  • We continued to work with the Morris Animal Foundation’s research project on Golden Retrievers and cancer.

A huge thank you to all the Client Service Representatives, Doctors, Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, clients and patients who have made all these things possible this year.  We’re so grateful to each and every one of you for being part of the Seattle Veterinary Associates family and allowing us the ability to practice medicine in a really wonderful, supportive environment. Without all of you we wouldn’t exist!

Your Place Or Ours?

There are many times when staying at home with your pet and having medical services come to you is a better option.  A few examples include: your pet is stressed by hospital visits, in discomfort and difficult to move, or coming toward the end of their life. For this reason, Seattle Veterinary Associates offers at-home veterinary technician appointments and euthanasia.

We strive to enable a fear-free visit for your cat or dog when they enter our hospitals. However, there are times when, despite attempting to provide behavioral, environmental, or medical calming aids, your pet is still too stressed in the hospital to get an accurate test reading.

One of the options we can offer is to implement those fear free tools where your pet lives. In the familiar, comforting environment of home, our Fear-Free Certified Licensed Veterinary Technician can use a pheromone to aid in calming your cat to obtain a more accurate blood pressure reading.  As an added benefit, if your animal is less stressed we are likely to have a better relationship with your pet which will help us work with them during future visits whether in your home or in the clinic.

As animals age they may need more frequent care –lab work more than once a year, toe nail trims, pain management, or other medications for chronic disease. Often it can become challenging to bring your pet in more than twice a year. The SVA On The Go team can come to you to perform blood draws, urine collection, fluid therapy, blood pressure measurement, medical injections, and more under the guidance of your pet’s regular veterinarian.

Finally, end of life decisions can be difficult.  We strive to provide medical care to allow for good quality of life of your pet by alleviating pain and optimizing comfort by supporting their physical and mental well-being. One of the ways we can do this is to offer in-home euthanasia.  This allows you and your pet to experience a calmer, relaxed experience in the familiar, warm, and loving environment you provide.

At home services are provided through SVA team members with you and your pet in mind. Whether it is for your pet’s emotional and physical well being or your own, we are here to help.

To make an appointment visit Http:// or call 206-475-8378

Julia Neal, DVM

Ravenna Animal Hospital

Open House and Photos with Santa

Join us on Sunday, December 3rd from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM for food, friends, and photos! Ravenna Animal Hospital will be having an open house and hosting photos with Santa! While attending is free, we will be collecting donations for Old Dog Haven through the Photos with Santa. A suggested donation of $15 will result in 1 or 2 high quality digital files arriving in your email within 1 week of the event. In addition to collecting donations for Old Dog Haven, we will also match every dollar donated up to $1,000.  We're very excited to host Photos for Santa in Support of Old Dog Haven and hope you'll join us!

Thank You Thursday at Reuben’s Brews in Support of MEOW Cat Rescue

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Seattle Veterinary Associates is proud to be a part of Reuben's Brews Thank You Thursday event: Pints for Pets in support of MEOW cat rescue.

For every pint of beer sold on Thursday the 5th  Reuben's Brews donated $1 to MEOW cat rescue. As if that's not enough, Seattle Veterinary Associates ALSO donated $1 for each pint sold!  AND it gets even better! We brought our prize wheel and collected a donation for each spin of the prize wheel! And we matched those donations, too!!!

We raised over $800 for MEOW between our prize wheel, a raffle, and donations made at the event. Seattle Veterinary Associates matched that for a total of over $1600 raised at the event before even including Reuben's Brews donation!  Amazing!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  We are excited and humbled by your generosity!

Rabies, Bats, and your Pets

So far in 2017 two bats have tested positive for rabies within the Seattle city limits. One was found in Green Lake Park while the other was located in Ballard. Anyone having direct contact with bats is at risk for contracting the rabies virus.  These two bats are part of a marked increase in the percentage of rabies positive bats in our county. This number is not so high as to be alarming, but it is high enough to take note and consider the possible impact to you and your family.

While humans can be told to avoid direct contact with bats, this is not so easy with our pets. With a large number of dogs walking with their owners every day and cats roaming the neighborhoods, sick or dying bats become an attractant that few animals can resist. These pets are at risk for contracting the disease which becomes a risk for their human family members.

Not every bat has rabies, but because of the seriousness of the disease, it is safest to treat any bat you or your pets come in contact with as being infected. Should you or your pet interact with a bat, the King County Department of health has created a page with instructions on how best to deal with the situation:

Animals in early stages of rabies infection may show no symptoms but are still contagious to both humans and other animals. In most cases, pets that become infected are not diagnosed until after they have begun to show symptoms. Once symptoms of rabies develop there is no treatment. 

Those who have already chosen to vaccinate their pets for rabies can take comfort in the fact that their pets are protected. For those who find their pets are due or overdue for a rabies vaccine, it is advisable to seek vaccination as soon as possible. Making sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies is the number one way to help ensure the safety and health of you, your family, and your community.

Joyeeta De, DVM