Pet of the Month

Ravenna Animal Hospital Pet of the Month


Pet of the Month: Bart!

Ravenna Animal Hospital's June Pet of the Month is Bart, belonging to client service representative, Annie!

Here's what Bart's mom has to say about him...

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Species: Feline
Age: 4
Favorite toy: Hair ties.
Favorite activity: Cuddling.
Favorite treat: He's weird...He doesn't like treats, only dry food!
Favorite spot in your home: Next to me on the bed.

Bart's whole first name is "Bartholomew Jay Simpson" and his middle name is "Toothless" after How to Train your Dragon.

Green Lake Animal Hospital Pet of the Month!

Pet of the Month: CHARLEY!!


My name is Charley, I’m a 12+ year-old Mini Schnauzer. I spent the first 5 years of my life “on the road” touring the USA and Canada with my folks in a big motor home. It seems most people who live the “full-time” RV lifestyle love the pups so I had plenty of friends while on this adventure.

I’m enjoying my “senior” years in a condo at Green Lake. Perhaps you’ve seen me riding around in my converted baby stroller, some folks think I’m being lazy but I’m not. My back legs give me trouble these days so if my folks go for a long walk I get to enjoy the outdoors while riding; just so you know I love, love, love my stroller and I get really excited when it’s brought out.

Speaking of love, I love stopping by the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Those folks are grand! They have treats that fit into my special diet and always seem happy to see me.

If you see me in my stroller please know I’m having a great time – sometimes you might hear me giving a ‘shout-out’ to anyone who will listen.

Queen Anne Animal Clinic Pet of the Month – Benny!

Benny!!!        Benny in Action!

Breed: Lab/Cattle Dog

Species: Canine

Age: 5

Favorite toy: $5 Chuck-it balls

Favorite activity: Agility classes and competitions/running/hiking

Favorite treat: Anything really smelly

Favorite spot in your home: Dog bed above the radiator

How I met Benny in Mexico:

I’ve traveled to many third world countries and have met many, many third world dogs that I could’ve brought home. But none quite like little Benny (Camilo when I met him).

I was on a yoga retreat in Yelapa, Mx in 2011.   Yelapa is a 45 minute boat ride from the civilization of Puerto Vallarta.   There are no cars, only an occasional ATV.

My yoga group was on a short hike up to a waterfall when I noticed a cute, mangy little fella with cute ears and expressive eye brows following us. He stuck with us as we traversed our way up through the village to the waterfalls.  I looked down and thought, ‘well, if he’s gonna be with us, maybe I should name him’.   He looked like a Benny.   Benny stuck with us throughout, greeting all as we passed by.    His personality and mangy look were so endearing, by the time we’d reached the falls, I’d fallen in like.

The next day was spent looking for him. I wanted to make sure he was safe.  He’d had a collar, so I knew he belonged to someone.   His collar had a chewed-through electrical cord attached, which told me someone was trying to keep him at bay, but was unsuccessful.

That night I woke up at 1 am and was worried about him, so went looking for him. A security guard asked me what I was doing, and I told him, ‘buscando un perro’. (Looking for a dog).    He must’ve thought I was loca.  He told me to go back to my palapa.

I found Benny the next day, joyfully running on the beach playing with whomever would play with him. Everyone loved him and wanted to take him home.  I took him for another longer hike to a different waterfall.  That’s when it was all over for me, I’d fallen in love and was gonna bring this little guy home…That’s when I knew he was my dog.

The following morning, I’d skipped yoga (which I never do and the first of many serendipitous events), and found his owner, Victor, a waiter at Hotel Lagunita where we were staying.   I asked him if this was his dog, and he shot back with a, ‘si, por que!!?’  I think he thought I was gonna tell him to keep him tied up, he’s eating all my enchiladas.  I told him I loved him.  His face softened, and he asked me if I wanted him.   YES! I DO!!  Twenty dollars, he said, but he’d have to ask his wife, cuz she likes him too.

That day, after much searching, I was able to find a vet in Yelapa! Imposible!!   She’s only there one, maybe two days a week.    “She’s up the trail, turn left at the stairs to a  house across from the kindergarten”, one of the locals told me.  I asked Victor if I could take him in for a tune-up and eventually a neuter.  That made Victor cringe.   Benny  got some shots, a little gentian violet for whatever he might be harboring (I think the color just makes you feel like you’ve done something), and a brief once over…for $30. I told Pamela (vet) I was gonna take him home.   She stated, muy fuertemente, “I will do anything to help you get him home”!!

The rest of the trip was passed trying to figure out in a place where you get WiFi only certain times of the day, and under certain coconut trees, how to get Benny home.

Benny spent the remainder of the nights in my room. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to touch him too much…I had another dog, Bodi,  at home I didn’t wanna bring anything home to.   He started out in the free bed next to me, and ended up in my bed.  I didn’t care.  By then I was all in.

As I was leaving on the boat to go back to Puerto Vallarta, I looked back and Benny was watching me from the dock. I was HEART-BROKEN to leave him.

I came home, made reservations to fly back 9 days later, got his bed, blanket, bowls, and crate ready and had a talk with Bodi.

I tried for the next several days to get a hold of Pamela, but the computers were down and phones were out. I wanted to tell her not to neuter him, that I was coming back.  I got a hold of her the morning she was going to neuter him.

She said she would bring him to Puerto Vallarta so I didn’t have to make the trip back to Yelapa and that she’d meet me at her condo at around noon….Mexico time.   That’s anywhere between 10am and 5pm.

It all seemed fishy, but I trusted her….. How was she gonna remember which dog was Benny in a place where every mutt is a mangy one? How could she be so sure she’d find him, when we know he’s willing to hike with strangers?  What if Victor decided he didn’t wanna sell him?   (By the way; due to inflation, Benny’s asking price had gone up to $40…He doesn’t know I would’ve paid $4000).

I sat at Pamela’s condo door for  2 hours before she showed up at 2pm (noon Mexico time).   But, she had the right dog!!!  And, he remembered me!!!!!!  I told him I’d be back!!  We flew back home the next day.   The flight attendants were very suspicious of me, asking, “didn’t you just arrive yesterday?” As though I was a mule packer.   “Yes”, I said, “I came down to bring a dog home”….”Lucky dog”, is all they could say.  Hence his Mexican name, Bendito:  BLESSED/LUCKY.

Ravenna Employee Pet of the Month: Sasha


“Sasha” Fritz belongs to Customer Service Representative, Brandon.
Sasha is a 1 year old Lab mix and she is supposedly a dog – although she also has characteristics of a cat, bear and a human. Her favorite toy is whichever one she is currently destroying or a good squeaker. Her favorite activities are destroying the strongest toys, going to dog parks and going for long runs with us. Her favorite treat is cooked chicken and her favorite spot is on the couch with her pillow. Sasha is a lovable mutt that Kathryn and Brandon rescued from the NOAH shelter in Stanwood at 8 weeks old. She has an abiding belief that all people were put on this planet to pet her. She also love to go to work with Brandon.

Queen Anne Animal Clinic april Employee Pet of the Month: Quinn and Aha


both owned by Customer Service Representative, Jamesy Beaulieu.

“Quinn is my 7 and a half year old brindle and white, Boston Terrier mix. I adopted him from a breeder in Ravensdale, WA, whose female Boston Terrier got out while she was in heat. Quinn and his 5 brothers were born shortly thereafter! It can be tricky for him to warm up to people but once he has, he loves you to death and will smother you with kisses and leaps.

He loves any toy he can de-stuff and/or de-squeak. He absolutely loves bubbles too. It is quite hilarious to watch him go after them. He’s a power chewer and loves his CET chews. He eats his meals out of project toys; he is super focused and very food motivated. He loves learning new tricks. Though from a teachers perspective I found teaching him “roll over” to be the most entertaining. He gets so excited to do it that sometimes he sit and just spins on his butt instead of laying down. He is always a laugh.

His housemate and best non-human friend is Aha! who’s named after the 1980’s band. He is a beautiful 4 year old green eyed, Tuxedo – domestic shorthair. I adopted him from a litter born at the Ravenna Animal Hospital. I met his mama Gladys before the litter was born and really got to watch him grow up.

Green Lake Employee Pet of the Month: Baby


Employee: Kelly, Client Service Representative

Pet’s Name: Baby
Age: 11
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Favorite Toy: Fling-ama-string (Baby recommends it for all cats!)
Favorite Treat: My Little Lion: Lick’n Chicken
Favorite Activity: Crying for attention
Favorite spot in your home: Any sunny window
Interesting Behavior/Special trick: If you pat your chest, he will jump up on you to be petted. Sometimes he does it whether you’re ready or not!

Kelly and Baby’s story:
Our cat came from a woman who rescued him as a kitten from an dog attack. The story is that he ended up with a punctured lung, some minor injuries, and a vertical slice of his ear missing. The missing ear piece is the only obvious sign of his trauma, these days. My sister’s roommate adopted the little kitten and together they named him “Baby” because of his penchant to cry for attention all the time. When my sister’s roommate moved away, he told her “Baby loves you more” and left his cat behind. When my sister and I combined households, I gained a cat.

Unfortunately, the cat also gained my dogs in the process, much to his disappointment. Over the years, Baby has become part of the family. He still growls and hisses and runs from the biggest dog, but less than he used to. He’s much more tolerant of the two Chihuahuas, although they boss him around. He’s not a hunter and seems more amused by our parakeet than interested in eating him. He has a healthy fear of our Conure. He knows to “jump up” into our arms and loves being patted the same way you burp a baby. Baby still lives up to his name and cries for attention all the time, although at 11 years old he’s starting to sleep more and cry less. Every so often, my sister brings him to me and tells me “he loves you more.”

Green Lake Pet of the Month: Luke and Lupe


Their Mom shares there story:

While on vacation on Mexico with good friends, we found Lupe starving on the street. Our friends brought her home, took amazing care of her, and then we discovered she was pregnant! Our friends kept a puppy, placed the other one in an excellent home, and Lupe came to live with us! We all see each other at least weekly, so Lupe and her babies still frolic, and she gets along great with our older dog, Luke.

I found Luke nine years ago at the Seattle Humane Society shelter. He’d already had a few homes, and was a loving, sweet handful who chewed everything in sight, had horrible separation anxiety, and major digestive problems (IBD). We worked through it all and he has given us so much love and joy… He always looks so serious, but he’s a total playful goofball, about to turn ten, and doing great.

Ravenna Pet of the Month: Puppet Cooper


Puppet belongs to our wonderful client, Tammy. Puppet is a four month old female Jack Russel Terrier. Her favorite toys are a squeaky rubber sheep and a fat bunny. Her favorite activities include walking at the park and playing with other dogs as well as practicing her tricks.

Her favorite treats are her bully sticks and salmon treats from Mud Bay. She loves to spend time on the sofa and in front of the fireplace.

She also loves to meet new people and go to puppy play sessions at K9 Fun Zone in Fremont. She is a snuggler and loves to be under the blankets, and she has learned to cover herself up when she goes to sleep.

She knows a lot of tricks already and can: Come, Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over (Sometimes!), Speak, and Shake Hands.

She is still learning to: Bow, Walk Backwards and Sit up Pretty on her Back Legs.

Queen Anne Animal Clinic Employee Pet of the Month: Odie


Owned by Melissa, Client Service Representative.
Breed: Australian Cattle dog mix
Species: Canine
Age: 7
Favorite toy: Kong
Favorite activity: Rainy day walks at Seward Park
Favorite treat: A crunchy carrot
Favorite spot in our home: his couch, his bed, our bed, the other couch, a sunny spot in the yard….this dog loves comfort!

About Odie: Odie came to us as a two year old dog being rehomed for the fourth time. We were told he was destructive, unfriendly to other dogs, and had serious separation anxiety. We were prepared to deal with these issues, but it was clear early on that what he needed was regular exercise and a dependable routine at home. He rarely displays the wild side we were warned against.