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Queen Anne Animal Clinic Queen Anne Animal Clinic Queen Anne Animal Clinic Queen Anne Animal Clinic

Queen Anne Animal Clinic

Nestled in our exceptional facility at the top of Queen Anne Hill, we provide a complete list of veterinary services with compassion, quality, and personal attention.

The experienced veterinarians and technicians who lead Queen Anne Animal Clinic include:

We provide a wide spectrum of services across all our locations, which are available to any of our patients. Services commonly administered at Queen Anne Animal Clinic include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Wellness and Preventive Exams
  • Labwork
  • Pain Management
  • Radiology
  • Minor Surgery
  • Ultrasounds
  • Vaccines

Pet owners appreciate this newly remodeled facility, which – like all our facilities – offers the latest technologies in veterinary care.

New to Queen Anne Animal Clinic?

Welcome! We’re proud to have you as a new client of Seattle Veterinary Associates!

Prior to your first appointment at any of our four locations, please complete a Client Information Sheet (PDF) for each pet. Then, we encourage you to arrive 10 minutes early to your initial visit with the completed form(s), previous vaccine information, and any medical history documentation in-hand.

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  • Queen Anne Animal Clinic Pet of the Month

    Queen Anne Animal Clinic april Employee Pet of the Month: Quinn and Aha


    both owned by Customer Service Representative, Jamesy Beaulieu.

    “Quinn is my 7 and a half year old brindle and white, Boston Terrier mix. I adopted him from a breeder in Ravensdale, WA, whose female Boston Terrier got out while she was in heat. Quinn and his 5 brothers were born shortly thereafter! It can be tricky for him to warm up to people but once he has, he loves you to death and will smother you with kisses and leaps.

    He loves any toy he can de-stuff and/or de-squeak. He absolutely loves bubbles too. It is quite hilarious to watch him go after them. He’s a power chewer and loves his CET chews. He eats his meals out of project toys; he is super focused and very food motivated. He loves learning new tricks. Though from a teachers perspective I found teaching him “roll over” to be the most entertaining. He gets so excited to do it that sometimes he sit and just spins on his butt instead of laying down. He is always a laugh.

    His housemate and best non-human friend is Aha! who’s named after the 1980’s band. He is a beautiful 4 year old green eyed, Tuxedo – domestic shorthair. I adopted him from a litter born at the Ravenna Animal Hospital. I met his mama Gladys before the litter was born and really got to watch him grow up.

    Aha! loves any toy that is finger shaped that he can carry around in his mouth. He thinks and acts very much like a dog. His favorite game is fetch. He will grab a toy, run over, and drop it on or near me and “yell” (meow loud, directly) at me. If I ignore him or not notice him he will start to get cute and climb on me as well as purr heavily. He too is very food motivated. If I give Quinn a CET chew, Aha! must have his kitty version as well. When Quinn gets a treat, Aha! will “yell” and run to his cat tree until he too gets a treat.
    They both are cuddly and often will be found sleeping next to each other or against me. Aha! head butts Quinn and cleans his face and ears. Quinn tolerates this with a look of “oh geez”. They truly prove that cats and dogs can get along – they just might take on each other’s traits.

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