Travel Guidelines


Review the lists below and be sure you have the information handy prior to your departure.

General Pet Travel

  • Current Rabies Certificate
  • Microchip number, license number, travel ID, photo of your pet
  • Copy of medical records
  • Medications (including flea/tick/heartworm control)
  • Regular Diet (may not be available at your destination)
  • Pet carrier/Bed and Toys

Additional information can be found at PetFlight.

Air Travel Within the United States

Additional airlines can be found at PetFlight.

Domestic Health Certificate Requirements

  • Current address
  • Address of your destination
  • Previous Rabies certificate if Rabies vaccine has been given elsewhere (manufacturer and serial number required)
  • If previous Rabies information is insufficient, another Rabies vaccine may need to be given

Foreign Export and Hawaii Travel

  • Traveling with your pet can be a lengthy process. In some cases many months of preparation is needed.  Plan ahead!
  • Regulations change frequently and will vary from country to country. If you are planning a trip or move in the near future, contact the appropriate sources for the current regulations.
    • USDA (360)753-9430
    • Foreign Consulate of the country you are traveling or exporting to.
    • Hawaiian Pet Travel
    • Pet Relocation Company

General Requirements to Review

  • All appointments made with the same DVM
  • All vaccines and protocols must be dated the day of the service performed. Most Rabies vaccines must be administered more than 30 days from export date, but less than 12 months
  • Most countries require your pet’s microchip be ISO compliant