Pet of the Month


This month’s Pet of the Month is Waffles! He’s a patient of Queen Anne Animal Clinic and the most adorable little corgi! You can see more photos of him on his instagram account @mrwafflescorgi.


Ollie is Pet if the Month! She is a super adorable Goldendoodle that regularly goes to our Green Lake Animal Hospital. You can check out more cute photos on her Instagram @ollieolliedood


Chewie is SVA Pet of the Month! She is an English Bulldog with lots of personality. She goes to our Ravenna location and has her very own instagram! Check out @saltycaramelchew for some super adorable pics!


Bacon is September’s SVA Pet of the Month! He is a chihuahua mix rescue from California and goes to our Northwest location! You can check out his Instagram page at @baconinseattle!

Ireland and Saoirse!

August Pet(s) of the Month are Ireland and Saoirse! These two cuties were recently adopted Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFe) and run the roost in their new home. They are only 4 months old and at sweet as can be.


SVA Pet of the Month for July is Chubbs! She’s a 7 1/2 year old domestic shorthair that comes to see us here at GLAH. The third photo is of her during her latest visit. “I may look terrified, but trust me I’m purring! You know you have a good vet when your kitty is comfortable on the exam table.” You can check out her instagram here: @misschubbs_thecat!


The Ravenna Pet of the Month is Smalls! He’s quite the handsome guy, isn’t he? He loves exploring outside and getting his photo taken. You can see more cute photos of him here: @seattle.smalls!


Queen Anne Pet of the MOnth is Benelli! She enjoys hanging out with her house mates Ducati and Harley. You can find lots of fun photos of all three of them on Instagram @apartment_cats. Congrats Benelli!


The Green Lake Animal Hospital Pet of the Month is Piper! She’s a German Shepherd Mix who enjoys the outdoors, treats, and spending time with her humans Brenna & James. Congrats Piper!


Northwest Veterinary Hospital Pet of the Month! He’s an avid traveler and enjoys spending time with his housemates Marsie and Sharma. You can check out his travels on Instagram @themobiustrips. Congrats Möbius!