Pet of the Month


Introducing SVA On the Go’s Pet of the Month! Hi! My name is Brisa. I live with my moms and my toddler sister in Seattle. My Mama rescued me from the beaches of Baja when I was just 6 weeks old. I love to sleep, so sometimes I have to hide from my human sister, because she moves fast and is loud. But, she’s alright because she pets me and likes to feed me her snacks. My special skill is acting like the third mom in the house, like when I “herd” Mommy to move faster when my baby sister wakes up from a nap. I like road trips, especially when my family takes me to Hood River, OR where I can play on the beach. My favorite lounging position is something my family calls “frog dog.” I love it when my Mommy takes me for walks, and when Mama takes me to the Magnuson Dog Park. I’m a sweet, happy dog who enjoys my visits with the gals from SVA on the Go. I’m lucky they like me and give me treats!    

Abby and Eddie!

Meet Queen Anne Animal Clinic’s Pets of the Month: Abby and Eddie! Abby and Eddie are two cats who were adopted after they were transferred from a rescue in Yakima that was overrun with kittens to a rescue here in Seattle who was more than happy to introduce these two country kitties to city life.  Their future owner found them there and even though they are not siblings they were already extremely bonded so she took them both home! As kittens they discovered the pleasure of hanging out on the top level of the kitty condo together, snuggling and enjoying the view of their new home. Now that they’re older (and bigger!) they still like to cuddle up there but it’s a much tighter fit.   These two are still very close, even as adults. Their owner says they are very sweet cats and she’s so glad to have them in her life.    

Bobby and Otter!

 Unheard of! For Ravenna Animal Hospital’s March pet of the month, we have instead chosen two, yes, TWO pets of the month. Siblings Bobby and Otter have only been together for a couple of months, but are already besties. They charmed everyone when they came in to see us this month, now let them charm you!


Meet Green Lake Animal Hospital’s Pet of the Month for April! My name is Max! I think…. My parents also call me “Tiny Terror”, “Moose”, and “No-Don’t-Lick-That” so it’s kinda a toss up, but I’m pretty sure it’s Max. I don’t remember much about my puppyhood. I know that I did some adventuring on my own on the streets of Southern California, and that I had a few families that sadly didn’t work out for me.  

Jane Boston!

Meet Queen Anne Animal Clinic’s Pet of the Month: Jane Boston (Famed Author of “Mansfield Bark” and “Pride and Petting This”).   Jane is a two and a half year old Boston Terrier.

Ravenna Animal Hospital Pet of the Month

  Pet of the Month: Bart! Ravenna Animal Hospital’s June Pet of the Month is Bart, belonging to client service representative, Annie! Here’s what Bart’s mom has to say about him… Breed: Domestic Shorthair Species: Feline Age: 4 Favorite toy: Hair ties. Favorite activity: Cuddling. Favorite treat: He’s weird…He doesn’t like treats, only dry food! Favorite spot in your home: Next to me on the bed. Bart’s whole first name is “Bartholomew Jay Simpson” and his middle name is “Toothless” after How to Train your Dragon.

Green Lake Animal Hospital Pet of the Month!

Pet of the Month: CHARLEY!! Hi, My name is Charley, I’m a 12+ year-old Mini Schnauzer. I spent the first 5 years of my life “on the road” touring the USA and Canada with my folks in a big motor home. It seems most people who live the “full-time” RV lifestyle love the pups so I had plenty of friends while on this adventure. I’m enjoying my “senior” years in a condo at Green Lake. Perhaps you’ve seen me riding around in my converted baby stroller, some folks think I’m being lazy but I’m not. My back legs give me trouble these days so if my folks go for a long walk I get to enjoy the outdoors while riding; just so you know I love, love, love my stroller and I get really excited when it’s brought out. Speaking of love, I love stopping by the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Those folks are grand! They have treats that fit into my special diet and always seem happy to see me. If you see me in my stroller please know I’m having a great time – sometimes you might hear me giving a ‘shout-out’ to anyone who will listen.

Queen Anne Animal Clinic Pet of the Month – Benny!

Benny!!!        Benny in Action! Breed: Lab/Cattle Dog Species: Canine Age: 5 Favorite toy: $5 Chuck-it balls Favorite activity: Agility classes and competitions/running/hiking Favorite treat: Anything really smelly Favorite spot in your home: Dog bed above the radiator How I met Benny in Mexico: I’ve traveled to many third world countries and have met many, many third world dogs that I could’ve brought home. But none quite like little Benny (Camilo when I met him). I was on a yoga retreat in Yelapa, Mx in 2011.   Yelapa is a 45 minute boat ride from the civilization of Puerto Vallarta.   There are no cars, only an occasional ATV. My yoga group was on a short hike up to a waterfall when I noticed a cute, mangy little fella with cute ears and expressive eye brows following us. He stuck with us as we traversed our way up through the village to the waterfalls.  I looked down and thought, ‘well, if he’s gonna be with us, maybe I should name him’.   He looked like a Benny.   Benny stuck with us throughout, greeting all as we passed by.    His personality and mangy look were so endearing, by the time we’d reached the falls, I’d […]

Ravenna Employee Pet of the Month: Sasha

“Sasha” Fritz belongs to Customer Service Representative, Brandon. Sasha is a 1 year old Lab mix and she is supposedly a dog – although she also has characteristics of a cat, bear and a human. Her favorite toy is whichever one she is currently destroying or a good squeaker. Her favorite activities are destroying the strongest toys, going to dog parks and going for long runs with us. Her favorite treat is cooked chicken and her favorite spot is on the couch with her pillow. Sasha is a lovable mutt that Kathryn and Brandon rescued from the NOAH shelter in Stanwood at 8 weeks old. She has an abiding belief that all people were put on this planet to pet her. She also love to go to work with Brandon.