Pet of the Month

Ravenna Animal Hospital April Pet of the Month: Elvis Kitty

Elvis Kitty is owned by the Nelson Family. Elvis is a beautiful ten year old Persian kitty. He loves to chase the laser light and he enjoys playing dress up. He loves treats of any kind. His favorite spot in the house is his bed in the TV Room. Elvis recently won “Mr. Personality” in the Purrfect Pals Average Joe Cat Show and it’s easy to see why in these photos.

Green Lake Pet of the Month: Luke and Lupe

Their Mom shares there story: While on vacation on Mexico with good friends, we found Lupe starving on the street. Our friends brought her home, took amazing care of her, and then we discovered she was pregnant! Our friends kept a puppy, placed the other one in an excellent home, and Lupe came to live with us! We all see each other at least weekly, so Lupe and her babies still frolic, and she gets along great with our older dog, Luke. I found Luke nine years ago at the Seattle Humane Society shelter. He’d already had a few homes, and was a loving, sweet handful who chewed everything in sight, had horrible separation anxiety, and major digestive problems (IBD). We worked through it all and he has given us so much love and joy… He always looks so serious, but he’s a total playful goofball, about to turn ten, and doing great.

Ravenna Pet of the Month: Puppet Cooper

Puppet belongs to our wonderful client, Tammy. Puppet is a four month old female Jack Russel Terrier. Her favorite toys are a squeaky rubber sheep and a fat bunny. Her favorite activities include walking at the park and playing with other dogs as well as practicing her tricks. Her favorite treats are her bully sticks and salmon treats from Mud Bay. She loves to spend time on the sofa and in front of the fireplace. She also loves to meet new people and go to puppy play sessions at K9 Fun Zone in Fremont. She is a snuggler and loves to be under the blankets, and she has learned to cover herself up when she goes to sleep. She knows a lot of tricks already and can: Come, Sit, Lie Down, Roll Over (Sometimes!), Speak, and Shake Hands. She is still learning to: Bow, Walk Backwards and Sit up Pretty on her Back Legs.

Queen Anne Animal Clinic Pet of the Month: Bertrand

Domestic Long Hair Feline Age: 6 Favorite Toy: Bertrand doesn’t really do toys. Favorite thing to do that doesn’t involve food or sleep is to sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by. Favorite Activity: Waiting for the refrigerator or cabinet to open. Favorite Treat: cheese, broccoli, cauliflower and nuts Favorite spot in our home: During Seahawks season, Bertrand sits beside me to watch the game. Literally.

Ravenna Pet of the Month: “Ruby” Mooney

Ruby is a four month old Labrador Retriever. Her favorite toy is her purple octopus and she loves to chase seagulls at the park. Her favorite treat is string cheese. Also, her favorite spot in the house is under the laundry bag or any available person’s lap. Ruby is a pointing yellow lab and will start her bird training in June.

Green Lake Pet of The Month: Mitch

Meet Green Lake Animal Hospital’s Miracle Mitch! Here’s what Mitch’s Mom had to say: Mitch was a stray kitten 4 months old when I adopted him in August, 1994. Later I learned he had been born around the corner and had wandered off. Mitch loves attention from people but he does not like other cats. In his first year he learned to use a tiny upstairs window and a tree to go in and out while I was at work. There were many people going for walks on my street near Greenlake. Mitch would flop down in front of everyone begging to be petted.

Northwest Pet of the Month: Sike

This friendly guy is one of Northwest’s favorite felines. He always greets each nursing staff member with an enthusiastic head butt and promptly rolls over for a belly rub. Sike is a 9 year old mixed breed feline, who loves to snack and sunbath. His favorite place in the home is sitting half on his mom’s shoulder and half on the back of the sofa. Sike has had more than his share of medical issues over the years, but he still maintains a positive CATitude. Staying positive is good for the mind and body, not to mention a good way to get hugs and kisses from my girlfriends at Northwest Veterinary Hospital!

Green Lake Pet of the Month: Frodo

Frodo AKA Tubulous or Tubby for short, is a 15 year old domestic short-haired feline who is a lovely, lap sitter who knows how to get his way! His favorite activity is eating and is favorite spot is on someone’s lap! He gets along so well with his fellow feathered family members. We are so proud to honor Frodo as the Green Lake Animal Hospital Pet of the Month!