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Meet Leslie, one of our amazing Licensed Veterinary Technicians. Before she joined the veterinary field, Leslie was a makeup artist. But she quickly realized that pets are much cuter than humans even with makeup on (no offense, humans). So, she traded in her brushes for stethoscopes and never looked back! She’s been licensed since 2004, which means she’s been “officially” certified to cuddle cute animals for roughly two decades. She’s always up for a good laugh and has plenty of funny stories about her adventures in the vet world. Leslie’s self-proclaimed title is the “cat whisperer.” Bring on the cattitudes! But don’t worry; Leslie still loves her doggos too – even if they’re not quite as sassy as her feline friends.

At home, Leslie has two mischievous boy-cats named Vinnie and Sam-the-Man. They’re always up to something, whether it’s knocking things over or just lounging in the sun. When she’s not at work, Leslie loves gardening and catching up on her favorite movies. Leslie’s hilarious personality and unwavering love for animals make her an indispensable part of our team. Your pets will love her almost as much as we do – and that’s saying something!

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