Visiting the Vet During COVID-19

During these challenging times, we all have had to adapt to a new way of life. This includes when your furry family member needs to visit the vet. Veterinary clinics are experiencing unprecedented need for veterinary care as the number of pet adoptions in recent months has skyrocketed. We are glad to see so many animals in new loving homes and are happy to help cater to all of their needs. This being said, we are all working hard to meet the growing demand. As we strive to take the best possible care for your pets,there are a few steps you can take to help streamline your visit to the vet. 

Remember to plan ahead for services that are coming due and call to schedule your appointment ahead of time whenever possible. Book your appointment at least two weeks ahead. Likewise, prescription refills and other phone or email requests may take longer to process due a significantly higher call/email volume. If you have not received a reply regarding a request in 2 – 3 business days, then follow up and make sure that your request is being processed. You can take advantage of ordering quickly though our new online pharmacy here

In order for us to take the best care of your pet and for your visit to flow smoothly, please provide us with any records your vet may need to review before the visit via email. These records helps the staff prepare your visit. If you recently moved or are transferring care between clinics then let the staff know the name of your previous veterinarian so records can be requested. Similarly, if you are establishing care with a new patient forward any records you have ahead of your appointment

You will receive a Pre-Exam form via your email ahead of your visit. This is an opportunity to let your veterinarian know what topics or health questions you want to discuss during the visit in addition to providing basic health and exposure information for your pet. Be sure to fully complete your Pre-Exam form prior to appointment. 

Plan to arrive at your appointment a few minutes early. Call when you arrive so a staff person can check you in. A member of our care team will greet you and help to transfer your pet into the clinic for their visit. Our team will your pet and may verify details of your pet’s history and check to see if any changes have happened since filling out the information. You veterinarian will then perform a complete comprehensive examination and call you to discuss history, the exam findings. From there we will work together to generate a plan for your pet. Be sure that your phone is charged and handy. 

Depending on the services or treatments being performed you may be asked to wait or drop your pet off for a period of time. The team will give you an estimated time for pick up or plan for contacting you. Payment for your appointment can be made over the phone after your appointment or via an online bill pay portal. 

While it may be different, curbside appointments can work just as well as when we work together as team for your pet’s health. We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to caring for all of your pet’s needs.

Written by Kasey Schmidt, DVM