Holiday hazards: Identify and conquer!

Nov 29, 2023

We’re sure you’re all busy making plans for a memorable Christmas holiday.  We’d like to provide you with information that will make it easier to include pet safety in those preparations and avoid common holiday hazards. The following are some of the top hazards pets encounter during the holiday season. Christmas trees Pets can incur […]

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Canine Respiratory Virus in the News

Nov 18, 2023

While the situation will continue to evolve, the current recommendations are to keep your pets up to date on vaccination and monitor for signs of illness.

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Foxtail Season Is Here

Jul 7, 2022

Every year between June and August we see many dogs with these pesky pokey little grass seeds (foxtails) working their way into feet, ears, and even under eyelids. Sometimes they require surgery to be removed. You will see grass seeds typically growing in clumps (but can be more sparse) under trees, along sidewalks, and in any grassy areas such as parks.

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Pet Insurance

Aug 20, 2021

Why pet insurance? Pet owners must be prepared to take on the financial responsibility of maintaining a pet’s health and well-being. An unexpected illness or accident can take a toll on your finances. Public demand for optimal pet care has advanced veterinary emergency medical procedures and treatments. This has in turn increased the costs of […]

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Seeds of Grass

Jul 8, 2021

Grass awns or grass seeds don’t sound terribly hazardous to your pet’s health.  But these small arrow shaped seeds can result in penetrating trauma and abscess formation when stuck in the skin. During the summer and fall months, certain types of grasses produce seeds with barbs that behave similar to a fishhook, they attach easily […]

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