Pandemic Puppies

Getting a pandemic puppy? Already have one by now?  You are not alone, believe me.  During the past 6 months our family veterinary practice has seen a flood of these cute little fur babies arrive to help our community cope and find some joy for themselves during such stressful, challenging times.   It seems that being isolated at home and fairly restricted to indoors, many of you think it is an ideal moment and great timing to raise a puppy.  And you are absolutely right!  Puppies can brighten your life and provide so many positives at a time when we all can truly use some help getting through our days.  Dogs make superb companions, and the benefits from having a relationship with a dog cannot be overestimated. Dogs offer us a unique form of unconditional love, while giving us tremendous daily comfort, companionship and emotional support.  There is much scientific evidence that stroking a dog can provide physiological changes in our bodies including lowering our blood pressure and heart rate, plus diminishing our anxiety levels.  While there is no data to prove that dog ownership will extend your life, there is substantial proof that having a canine buddy will enhance your […]

Visiting the Vet During COVID-19

During these challenging times, we all have had to adapt to a new way of life. This includes when your furry family member needs to visit the vet. Veterinary clinics are experiencing unprecedented need for veterinary care as the number of pet adoptions in recent months has skyrocketed. We are glad to see so many animals in new loving homes and are happy to help cater to all of their needs. This being said, we are all working hard to meet the growing demand. As we strive to take the best possible care for your pets,there are a few steps you can take to help streamline your visit to the vet.  Remember to plan ahead for services that are coming due and call to schedule your appointment ahead of time whenever possible. Book your appointment at least two weeks ahead. Likewise, prescription refills and other phone or email requests may take longer to process due a significantly higher call/email volume. If you have not received a reply regarding a request in 2 – 3 business days, then follow up and make sure that your request is being processed. You can take advantage of ordering quickly though our new online pharmacy here […]

Black Lives Matter

If you are looking for ways to contribute to this movement personally, please consider checking out The Stranger’s ongoing list of events and other resources to spread the movement.

When to Take Your Pet to the Vet

Due to shelter in place a lot of us are working from home, teaching our kids from home and well… are home. This has given us plenty of time to observe our pets on a daily basis. Some clients jokingly remark, “Wow! I never knew my cat just slept all day.” While it’s true that the domestic cat does sleep a lot (the average is 18-20 hours daily) indoor-only cats also learn to modify their behavior based on our schedules, their feeding schedule, etc.  Just because we are home all day long, does not mean our pets are going to stop their routines. However, we might be asking ourselves “is that normal?” I would like to take this time to make owners aware of some behaviors that would necessitate a trip in to the clinic (even in this restricted climate).  Change in appetite: this is a big red flag for me. Most animals eat a certain amount of food daily and consistently. When your pet is suddenly “being picky,” I am concerned.  If this is only for one day, likely you could wait to come in, unless you have seen this behavior before as a result of illness. If it […]

What to Expect During Social Distancing

For all examinations, please fill out the pre-exam form on your clinic’s website. Please follow the CDC’s recommendations and help stay safe by wearing a mask. Our team will do the same. Stay in your car and call when you arrive. Inform the receptionist of your parking space number and the best phone number at which to reach you. Please be patient, as your assistant will call you to notify when your pet is ready to be brought into the clinic. The team may notify you to drop off your pet with us for a portion of the day, so that you do not need to wait at the clinic. Have your phone on you, and be ready to receive a call from your doctor or the team about updates and treatment plans. Pay over the phone. We will collect payment via credit card when you return to pick up your pet.

Important Message to our Customers

Since 1971, Seattle Veterinary Associates has been focused on making life better for people and their pets.   Our community is undergoing some dynamic challenges with respect to the recent COVID – 19 outbreak and we want to assure you that we are doing everything within our power to ensure that our clients, patients and employees stay safe and healthy. As a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, we already have cleaning protocols  in place that mitigate viral transmission to our patients . These same protocols and products are reported to be effective against COVID 19 and we are also following enhanced cleaning guidelines outlined by the CDC, WHO and our local health dept.   The following are some action items that have been taken with respect to your safety as well as the safety of our SVA family: 1.All public and treatment areas are being sanitized multiple times daily using proper protocol 2. Starting Tuesday, 3/17/20 we will be discontinuing all preventative/wellness care visits, surgeries and dental procedures  and focusing on emergent cases where animals are sick or injured.  We will also be instituting a drop off policy to minimize your exposure and that of our staff.    Staff members will […]