What to Expect

Our patients are the pets to whom we provide medical care. But we also help to provide the information, education, and support that is necessary for the people who care for those beloved pets.

To that end, the following information will help us to ensure you have informative and efficient visits with us, and that we always are kept abreast of your pet’s medical status.

Initial Visits

Whenever possible our doctors prefer to have access to your pet’s medical history prior to their appointment. When you register your pet online you have the opportunity to attach digital records. If you prefer you can also email the records after scheduling.

You will be asked to fill out a pre-exam form for your pet prior to their visit. This form will cover many of the basic health questions our doctors want to know for each exam as well as offering you the chance to mention

We also prefer that you read about our philosophies on wellness and preventive exams and vaccines before arriving for your appointment.