Every year between June and August we see many dogs with these pesky pokey little grass seeds (foxtails) working their way into feet, ears, and even under eyelids. Sometimes they require surgery to be removed. You will see grass seeds typically growing in clumps (but can be more sparse) under trees, along sidewalks, and in any grassy areas such as parks.

Image of grass seed heads also known as foxtails with several of the seeds laying next to the seed heads.
These pesky, pokey little grass seeds are everywhere!

We wanted to send you a quick reminder that we are in that foxtail season again and give you a few tips to try and avoid an extra visit to see us:

  • Dogs with curly or shaggy hair will pick foxtails up in their hair on their feet and even lower legs so keep their foot hair trimmed.
  • Check your dogs feet after every walk. Remove any foxtails you might see stuck in their fur. Check under their feet and between their toes
Image of the top of a furry dog paw with the toes spread. A grass seed (foxtail) is visible between the toes.
Grass seeds can blend in with fur so checking and careful grooming can be helpful in locating the irritants.

If your dog starts limping, and/ or licking their feet:

  • check their feet
  • let us know so we can make an exam appointment
  • if you suspect a grass seed you can start doing Epsom Salt foot soaks for 5-10 mins twice a day pending your appointment.
Grass awns work their way inside the skin leaving wounds that may require surgery.

Be aware, and hopefully we can avoid some visits in by taking a few minutes to check your dogs feet after outdoor activities for the next 2 months.