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If your pet needs an ultrasound, contact us to schedule an exam or discuss the options today.

We use ultrasound to evaluate organs without the need for invasive surgery.

Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves to generate pictures of what is going on inside the body. Ultrasound examination can be used to evaluate the size, shape, location, internal structure, and function of hidden internal organs. These non-invasive painless exams can detect the abnormal presence of fluid and the differences in organ tissue density for both the chest and abdominal areas. Ultrasound can also be utilized for evaluating the status of a pregnancy and as an emergency diagnostic tool to detect internal bleeding.

Internal organs and tissues can be assessed using ultrasound examination, a non-invasive, real-time diagnostic tool.

A board-certified veterinary radiologist may analyze ultrasound images that were captured by our physician who has received specialized training. A board-certified radiologist makes weekly visits to our offices in Green Lake and Northwest, so in some circumstances, we may work with them directly. On demand, they also offer professional biopsy services in addition to more involved, specialized testing. To gather deep-tissue samples for a veterinary laboratory’s assessment, ultrasound-guided biopsies offer a precise and minimally invasive method.

Also, SVA has teamed up with board-certified cardiologist Dr. Jerry Woodfield to offer on-site cardiac consultations and echocardiograms (an ultrasound examination of the heart) at the Green Lake location.

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