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Allison is a valuable member of the Richmond Beach Animal Hospital team who joined us in 2022. She earned her Veterinary Assistant Certificate from PIMA in Renton in 2018 and has since gained experience working in emergency veterinary medicine. In addition, Allison also works for a specialist in veterinary radiology, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice.

When she’s not at our hospital, Allison loves spending time with other people’s pets– as a pet sitter. She has a particular passion for adventuring with her own dogs, Jane and Casey, who are brother and sister. The more trees and wilderness involved, the better! She also has two cats, Bruce and Lana, who are named after Bruce Wayne and Lana Kane.

Despite her love of animals, there is one thing Allison despises: arugula.

Allison’s dedication to the well-being of all animals is apparent in her work at the Richmond Beach Animal Hospital. Her compassionate and caring nature make her a perfect fit for our team, and we are lucky to have her, despite her aversion to arugula.

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