Veterinary Assistant


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Amy joined SVA in 2023. From childhood pet sitter to veterinary assistant, Amy’s passion for animals has always burned bright. She has spent countless hours caring for neighborhood pets and volunteering at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Witnessing the dedicated work of shelter staff sparked a new interest in Amy – she wanted to be a part of the medical side of animal care.

Joining our team, Amy brings her innate love for animals along with a genuine warmth that puts pet parents at ease. Whether assisting with exams, preparing medications, or providing gentle comfort to your furry friends, Amy’s dedication shines through every interaction. When not lending a helping paw at the clinic, you’ll find Amy staying active – hitting the gym for a workout, spiking the volleyball in the summer sunshine, or enjoying a competitive pickleball match. Winter days turn into cozy escapes where Amy devours books, catches up on her favorite movies, and unleashes her culinary creativity in the kitchen.

Speaking of creativity, Amy is a proud cat mom to two felines as unique as their names. Honeydew, her dapper tuxedo companion, holds a special place as her “first born,” while Agave, a former stray who wandered into the clinic and stole Amy’s heart, reminds her of the transformative power of love and care.

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