Client Service Representative


Arie joined us in 2023 as a Client Service Representative, bringing her unique personality and amazing sense of humor to our practice.

Arie has always had a love for animals, and joining the veterinary medicine field has given her a valid (and legal) reason to love every fur friend she meets. Her passion for animals is evident in the way she interacts with our clients and their pets.

In her spare time, Arie enjoys dabbling in the arts, reading, and sneaking in pets with the cats at the clinic. Her house is a lively home with her lovely calico tabby named Meow, who loves basking in the windows on warm days, playing tag, and waiting in the shadows to strike the unsuspecting passerby.

Arie’s wit and sense of humor bring a light-hearted touch to the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Her ability to connect with our clients and make them feel comfortable and at ease is invaluable, and we are fortunate to have her as part of our team. Her love for animals and dedication to providing exceptional client service make her a vital asset to our practice.

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