Triage Team

Ariel W.

Veterinarians & Staff

Ariel first joined SVA in 2007 as a client service representative (CSR) at our Ravenna Animal Hospital. At Ravenna Ariel became a very knowledgeable CSR and branched out in to working with the veterinary assistant (VA) team as needed. She moved out of the area and took a job as a veterinary assistant at another hospital before returning to the area and to SVA in 2009.  Ariel became a sort of “jack-0f-all-trades” and worked in both the CSR and VA as a valued team member providing coverage at each of our 4 veterinary clinics bringing her great attitude with her. In 2019, she became one of two Call Center Coordinators who help to handle messages and prescriptions for all of our hospitals. Her specific veterinary interests revolve around veterinary imaging and surgical procedures because “being able to see the internal part of the body and then ‘fixing’ the problem is a huge advancement in taking care of peoples’ companions.” Ariel has an associates degree in General Education from Central Oregon Community College which plays into her love for her children and helping them grow up to be the best they can be. The family has two German Shepherd Dogs, Otis and Brodhi, a horse, and a few chickens.

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