Clinic Coodinator


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Bobby joined Green Lake Animal Hospital’s client service team in 2019 before transferring to the Veterinary Assistant team for more hands-on time with our patients. After leaving to pursue and earn an IT certification in late 2022, Bobby returned to SVA as a clinic coordinator at Northwest Veterinary Hospital and liaison to our IT contractor. Bobby is originally from Buffalo, NY, but fell in love with the PNW after visiting a friend and decided it was time for a change. He developed his passion for animals through his childhood experiences with unique pets, something he has continued into his adult life. In his free time, Bobby enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and competitive video gaming. He shares his home with his lovely wife Kayli and they care for two Border Collie mixes named Blue and Teddy, a German Shepherd Dog named Primrose, a Maine Coon cat named Henry, a Crested Gecko named Bindi and a Ball Python named Asmodeus. It’s definitely a full house!

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