Veterinary Assistant


Eva joined our team in 2020 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Her passion for veterinary medicine stems from her love of veterinary imaging, dentistry, pathology, and spicy cats. Eva finds these areas of veterinary medicine fascinating and enjoys working with them every day.

In her spare time, Eva stays true to her scientific roots and indulges in her love for paleontology. She also enjoys cooking, watching horror movies, taking cat photographs, reading, and spending time with her human friends. She has two furry companions, Edelgard and Calamari. Edelgard is a spicy cat who loves both biting and snuggling and is always keeping Eva on her toes. Eva also shares her home with Calamari, a unique feline who she affectionately describes as “a cat who doesn’t experience thoughts.”

Eva has many interests outside of veterinary medicine, including painting. Although she admits that she can only paint clowns. Her dedication to the field of veterinary medicine, combined with her diverse range of interests, makes Eva a valuable member of our team at Northwest Veterinary Hospital.

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