Julia Neal

Dr. Julia Neal is a graduate of the University of Washington, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. But her love of animals and people led her to a different path – one that ended with her earning her veterinary degree from Washington State University. Before she became a full-fledged vet, Dr. Neal got her start working at Woodland Park Zoo, which sparked her passion for all things furry and four-legged. And if that wasn’t enough, her time as a veterinary assistant at our Northwest Veterinary Hospital solidified her desire to help animals in need.

Dr. Neal is a true jack-of-all-trades in the veterinary world, with a special interest in behavioral medicine and physical rehabilitation for pets. She’s always looking for ways to improve her skills, and is constantly learning and growing in her field.

When she’s not saving the lives of furry friends, Dr. Neal is an avid reader, hiker, and traveler. And at home, she’s surrounded by her own furry crew – Charlie the dog and her three cats, Starsky, Sundance, and Pinot, who rule the roost.

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