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Julia is a familiar face to Seattle Veterinary Associates having worked with the Green Lake Animal Hospital team for a few years before making a cross-state move that resulted in her being away from us for over a decade. She was wooed back to SVA in time to help open Richmond Beach Animal Hospital in 2022 where she makes sure the clinic is beautifully decorated, well run, and both clients and patients feel welcome.

Julia’s connection with animals goes way back, and she is suspicious it has something to do with “growing up Disney.” However, despite her childhood history with fictional animals she warns parents not to let them read/watch Old Yeller because it is way too sad. But for those kids who are tough enough to make it through, she thinks they may be inspired to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, just like she did. Julia is an avid reader, and she confesses that she cannot leave a bookstore empty handed nor walk by a “little free library” without taking a peek at the selection. She is proud to report that she has a special knack for parallel parking, usually successfully, without breaking into a cold sweat. She believes that humor is the key to getting through life’s challenges, even the tough ones.

Julia has a dog named Wilson, who holds a special place in her heart. As someone who has always believed a “real” dog had to be some kind of “mangy mutt knee high or taller,” Wilson is her first “short stop” – a mid-calf guy with a towering personality. She feels lucky to have found him, and she says although he may not be perfect, he’s perfect for her.

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