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Katt joined SVA in February of 2014 after earning a BS in zoology from WSU, working with everything from capybara and waterbuck to elephants and tigers, but her biggest love is the Great Apes.  She worked with chimpanzees and orangutans at a sanctuary in Florida that housed apes retired from acting, apes that had been kept as pets and also those that were discarded from circuses and laboratories. She actively works to educate the public against the use of palm oil (and the importance of obtaining it from sustainable sources) and against the use of great apes in movies and commercials.

Upon returning to the NW from Florida Katt spent a few years grooming dogs but eventually returned to working in the veterinary world with domestic pets and plans on getting her LVT in the next few years. She is Fear Free certified. She currently lives with her husband, a sweet three-legged mastiff named Misato (affectionally known as Misa), a white Doggo Argentino named Inigo Montoya.

In her spare time, of which there is little, Katt practices herbalism and makes several of her own medicinal and beauty products.

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