Clinic Coordinator


Veterinarians & Staff

Kelly joined SVA in 2007 as a client service representative at Green Lake Animal Hospital after earning her license in driving (many years before). Kelly started her life surrounded by multiple pets (mostly cats) and remembers helping bathe dogs in her mother’s grooming shop as a child. It seemed only natural for her to continue working with animals as an adult. She loves to learn all the whats and whys of veterinary medicine and find ways to make that information useful and understandable to everyone. She’s also passionate improving the veterinary experience for pets.  She’s very interested in visual arts (mainly photography) and finding ways to combine these things with her job.  Kelly’s animal family includes Roberto the terrified Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Bo the Siberian Husky, Chip the Alaskan Husky, Heineken the Australian Shepherd mix, Tobias the Chihuahua,  Second Banana, Rotten Banana, Banana Split, Banana Foster, and Choco Banana the ducks, and also Aunt Tilly, Blue, Tarka, Cluckamus, Cluckscanie, and “the other one” which are all chickens. She often finds herself with a lost waif who needs a soft place to land (which is where most of her pets come from) and is full of pets but is always hoping a sweet Pomeranian will find its way to her door. Kelly occasionally volunteers for MEOW cat rescue in Kirkland mostly helping with their annual Feline and Fine Wines auction and Santa photos and for the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce.

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