Veterinary Assistant


Preston is a veterinary assistant with a deep love for animals and nature. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Washington and was drawn to veterinary medicine because he believes that pets are an important part of many people’s families and deserve the best care possible. He finds it fulfilling to help both animals and their owners during the treatment process.

Preston has a strong fascination with nature and loves to spend time outdoors observing wildlife and exploring different environments. His dream is to one day become a veterinarian working in conservation, where he can use his skills to protect and preserve wildlife.

In the meantime, Preston spends time filling his home with plants and learning about different plant species, which he finds both relaxing and educational.

Growing up, Preston was surrounded by animals and has always had a deep appreciation for their unique personalities and qualities. His family fosters many different dogs. Additionally, his experiences growing up on a ranch have given him the opportunity to care for cows and other farm animals, further strengthening his bond with animals of all kinds.

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