Green Lake Animal Hospital Pet of the Month!

Pet of the Month: CHARLEY!!


My name is Charley, I’m a 12+ year-old Mini Schnauzer. I spent the first 5 years of my life “on the road” touring the USA and Canada with my folks in a big motor home. It seems most people who live the “full-time” RV lifestyle love the pups so I had plenty of friends while on this adventure.

I’m enjoying my “senior” years in a condo at Green Lake. Perhaps you’ve seen me riding around in my converted baby stroller, some folks think I’m being lazy but I’m not. My back legs give me trouble these days so if my folks go for a long walk I get to enjoy the outdoors while riding; just so you know I love, love, love my stroller and I get really excited when it’s brought out.

Speaking of love, I love stopping by the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Those folks are grand! They have treats that fit into my special diet and always seem happy to see me.

If you see me in my stroller please know I’m having a great time – sometimes you might hear me giving a ‘shout-out’ to anyone who will listen.

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