Northwest Veterinary Hospital

Northwest Veterinary Hospital

Northwest Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility. Our veterinarians provide knowledgeable, progressive care for your animals with an emphasis on kindness, integrity, and respect.

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The experienced veterinarians at Northwest Veterinary Hospital include:

Valissitie_smlValissitie Heeren, DVM AnnWhereat_smlAnn Whereat, VMD liz-spencer-rectangle smLiz Spencer, BSc;BVMS

We provide a wide spectrum of services across all our locations, which are available to any of our patients. Services commonly administered at Northwest Veterinary Hospital include:

Pet owners appreciate this full-health-service, progressive facility, which offers the latest technologies in veterinary care.

New to Northwest Veterinary Hospital?

Welcome! We’re proud to have you as a new client of Seattle Veterinary Associates!

Prior to your first appointment at any of our four locations, please complete a Client Information Sheet for each pet. Then, we encourage you to arrive 10 minutes early to your initial visit with the completed form(s), previous vaccine information, and any medical history documentation in-hand.

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